Stitchers Delight

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Please note that the BoM is pattern only i.e. no fabric is supplied unless otherwise noted.

Purchasing options

There are two (2) ways of purchasing this BoM pattern.
1.  If purchasing as a full BoM you will receive each month, a pattern starting at no. 1 and concluding with the 12th (and final) pattern.
2.  If purchased as a full complete set you will receive all twelve (12) patterns in a single delivery.

Item Price
Full Stitchers Delight - 12 months 1. As a BoM
$13.20 ea. month incl. postage

2. The complete set of (12) patterns $145
1. The 12 month BoM set 

2. The complete 12 month set 

"Stitchers Delight"
- 12 months
Size :
30" x 37½" ( 76¼cm x 95¼cm ).

The full Stitchers Delight stitchery set comprises 12 individual pieces that together make up the BoM.

Below are the various patterns that make up the whole stitchery. Click on a pattern to see if in more detail.
For each pattern the following applies -
Each stitchery size : 6½" (16½cm) circle (unfinished).
Each block Size : 8" (20¼cm) square (unfinished)

Stitchers Delight - Sewing machine
Sewing machine
Stitchers Delight - Thimble
Stitchers Delight - Scissors
Stitchers Delight - Cotton reels
Cotton reels
Stitchers Delight - Mannequin
Stitchers Delight - Pin cushion
Pin cushion
Stitchers Delight - Embriodery hoop
Embriodery hoop
Stitchers Delight - Iron
Stitchers Delight - Button jar
Button jar
Stitchers Delight - Sewing Basket
Sewing basket
Stitchers Delight - Thread holder
Thread holder
Stitchers Delight - Tape measure
Tape measure

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