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Product Price
Bees 'n Blooms pincushion  $13.20 for pattern or $15.70 for pattern & kit
1. Pattern $13.20

2. Pattern & kit $15.70

"Bees 'n Blooms pincushion" 
Size : 20½cm x 10½cm (8" x 4")

This pincushion features simple embroidery & a cute little bee charm.
Garden Mice Project Pouch  $13.20

"Garden Mice" Pincushion
Size: 35½ cm x 30¾ cm (14" x 12")

Potting Shed pincushion  $14.30

"Potting Shed pincushion"  
Size : 24cm x 9cm (9½" x 3½")
Rudolph's pincushion  $9.90

"Rudolph's pincushion"  
Size : 9cm x 20¼cm (3½" x 8")

Rudolph is ready for Christmas

Stitching in the Garden pincushion  $14.30

"Stitching in the Garden" pincushion  
Size : 7½" x 3" (19cm x 7¾cm)
incl. feet on base.

Just remember how nice it is to sit in a garden.
Includes the transfer.

Mrs Flutterby's pincushion  $13.20

"Mrs Flutterby's" pincushion  
Size : 3½" x 9" (7½cm x 22¾cm)
incl. daisy petals.

This butterfly will remind you of times spent outdoors and bring the outdoors indoors.

Tilly the Turtle pincushion  $9.90

"Tilly the Turtle" pincushion  
Size : 5" x 4½" (12¾cm x 11½cm)

A reminder of the many marvellous creature that inhabit our oceans.

Shelby pincushion  $13.20

"Shelby's Pincushion" 
Size : 6" Diameter & 7" Height (15cm x 18cm).

This is the one snail you would love to have in your garden.

Pipkin's Pincushion  $13.20

"Pipkin's Pincushion"
Design Size : 22¼cm x 10cm (8½" x 4")

This very cute pincushion will have all your friends admiring his looks.
Stand not included. 
Nesting Sewing Pouches & pin cushion  $9.90

"Nesting Sewing Pouches" 
Size (Nesting pouches) : 4½" x 4" x 3½"  (8¼cm x 20¼cm x 9cm)
(Pin cushion) : 2½"   (6¼cm)

These quick little pouches nest away for easy storage and make a great little gift! Handy to store all your sewing accessories!.

Angel pincushion  $9.90

"Angel" pincushion  
Size : 8" x 5" (20¼cm x 12¾cm)

A Christmas angel to look after your sewing room.

Mystique needlebook  $9.90

"Mystique needlebook"  
Size : 4" x 5½" (10¼cm x 14cm)

Some mystique in your life is always good.

Partridge Tree pincushion  $9.90

"Patridge Tree" pincushion  
Size : 5" x 5" (12¾cm x 12¾cm)

A nice lttle Christmas gift for that special sewer in your life.

Matryoshka needlebook  $9.90

"Matryoshka Needlebook and Wristband" pincushion  
Size : 4" x 8" (10¼cm x 20¼cm)

Another entry into Petals & Patches' popular Matryoshka range.

Sewing Maidens

'Sewing Maidens' - Sewing Accessories

Add a little sweetness to your sewing room with these little maidens. They would make a great gift idea for a sewing friend!

Sewing Journal: (8½" x 6")
Rotary Cutter Cover: (8" x 5¼")
Scissor Pouch: (4½" x 2½") & Charm (2" square)
Wrist Pincushion: (Matryoshka 2¾" high)
Thread Bin: (3" x 2½")

Make unusual additions to the Matroshka range.
Matryoshka pin cushions  $11.00

'Matryoshka Maidens' - Pin cushion set
Design Size :
9 cm (3½")- small
10 cm (4")- medium
11½ cm (4½")- tall

These little pincushion maidens are the perfect accompaniment to the armchair sewing caddy, neddlecase & scissor charm.
Sweet Treats pincushion  $9.90

"Sweet Treats" pincushion  
Size (Blueberry pie): 3½" x 2" (8¾cm x 5cm)
Size (Strawberry tart) : 2½" x 1½" (6¼cm x 3¾cm)

Every time you put a pin in or out of these cushions you wiil think food!

Springtime pincushion  $9.90

"Springtime" pincushion  
Size : 4" x 4" (10¼cm x 10¼cm)

An extremely cute pin cushion that would look slendid in a child's room.

Blackbird's Nest pincushion  $9.90

"Blackbird's Nest" pincushion  
Size : 4"′ x 4"′ (10¼cm x 10¼cm)  (incl. 2′ wooden spool)

The very cute blackbird will have you humming 'four & blackbirds' all the time.

Mini Sewing Box pincushion  $13.20

"Mini Sewing Box" pincushion  
Size : 4" x 3¾" (10¼cm x 9½cm)

The mini sewing box is cute will provide a different pincushin to the norm.

My House pincushion  $9.90

"My House" pincushion  
Size : 2½" x 5½" (6¼cm x 14cm)

This little house will provide a different pincushin to the norm.

Mannequin pincushion  $9.90

"Mannequin" pincushion 
Size : 11" x 2½" (28cm x 9cm)  (incl. stand)

This unique pincushion will inspire you while you store youe needles within.

Pretty Little Purse pincushion  $9.90

"Pretty Little Purse" pincushion 
Size : 5" x 4½" (12¾cm x 11½cm)

Such a pretty little purse for your pins to rest within.

Batik Heart pincushion  $9.90

"Batik Heart Sewing Pocket & Scissor Holder" 
Size (Sewing pocket) : 9"′ x 7"′ (22¾cm x 17¾cm)
Size (Scissor holder) : 4½′ x 2½′ (11½cm x 6½cm)

A little of Indonesian for a touch of class.

Cherry Sweet pincushion  $9.90

"Cherry Sweet Pincushion" 
Size : 2½" x 5" (6½cm x 12¾cm)

Cherries are lovely in & of season and this pincushion will reming how much you love them.

Miss Brambles pincushion  $9.90

"Miss Brambles Pincushion & Thread Bin" 
Size (pin cushion) : 5½" x 3" (14cm x 7¾cm)
Size (thread bin) : 2½ sq. (6½ sq.)

The rabbit pin cushion provides an unusual accompanment to your sewing kit. And you now have somewhere to put those threads ends - in your thread bin!

Paris pincushion  $9.90

"Paris Pincushion" 
Size : 7" x 4" (17¾cm x 10¼cm).

The symbol of Paris, the City of Love, will add an elegant flair to your sewing environment. Or it would make a lovely gift for that special sewer.

Water Colour Rose pincushion  $9.90

"Water Colour Rose Pincushion & Scissors Pocket" 
Size : 3" x 7" (7½cm x 17¾cm).

A very cute pin cushion and scissor pocket combination.

Stitching Bugs pincushion  $15.40

"Stitching Bugs Pincushion" 
Size : Depends upon the item in the set.

This very cute set is the ideal way to have all your tools for sewing in a single matching set.

Praire pincushion  $11.00

"Praire Pincushion" 
Size : 4" x 4" (10cm x 10cm).

Four Pincushions : Amish Diamond, Spool, Sawtooth Star & Amish Pineapple. Based upon Amish design techniques these pin cushions will make a most unusual addition to your collection.

Daisy pincushion  $9.90

"Daisy Pincushion" 
Size : 5½" diameter (14cm).

The large bright orange petals highlight nicely the small orange petals and the green leaves. sure to appeal to all the botanists you know and especially those who love the Asteroideae.

Little Blue Bird pincushion  $9.90

"Little Bluebird Pincushion" 
Size : 7" x 3" (17¾cm x 7¾cm).

This petite yet lovely pincushion will catch the eye of those who adore quality. Buy the Little Bluebird - Breakfast cushion & Table topper for the complete set.

Luna pincushion  $9.90

"Luna Pincushion" 
Size : 4½" x 5½" (11½cm x 17¾cm).

The big eyes and cuddly body will appeal to all

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